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Architectural Tint

Tint Works IS Architectural Window Tinting!  Keep the work place or home cooler and save money this summer with solar control film installed by Tint Works LLC. We work with you to design a solution that is perfect for your home or building.  Our films can cut out 99% of UV and up to 95% of heat saving you up to 40% in energy costs.


UV Rays Blocked

Architectural window tint

Energy Savings

Architectural window tint

Glare Reduction

Commercial Window Tinting

Reduction in
Solar Heat

From residential to commercial, we cover all Architectural jobs!

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Residential Window Tint

Keep the work place or house cooler and save money this summer with solar control film by Llumar and installed by Tint Works LLC. We work with you to design a solution that is perfect for you. Maybe you want a privacy film on one room and need to keep the harsh sun out of another with a mild tinted film. Either way, our film cuts out 99% of UV and up to 95% of heat.

Worried you will lose your beautiful view out your windows? We have very light films that still perform spectacularly while enhancing your view! Think of it like a really high end pair of sunglasses. Things look better once the glare and harsh UV rays are neutralized. Your view never looked better!

On top of all the amazing benefits of solar control films, there is an Energy Tax Credit for home owners to help pay for it! Click the link to download the form.

Come by our location in Rogers to discuss all the options we have and pick up some FREE samples to take with you.  As always, we offer FREE on site estimates.

Want more info about all our options? Check out our film visualizer below in the Residential & Commercial section.

Solar window film
Energy Tax Credit

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Make the Perfect Window Tint Selection

Reflective Window Film

Give your windows a mirrored look when viewed with indoor lighting and outdoor daylight, while controlling solar heat, glare and UV rays.

Low-E Window Film

Keep heat out in the summer months and warmth in during the winter months, easing demands on your HVAC system.

Deluxe Window Film

Ultra efficient Transitional Films that go from light to dark only when needed. Allowing you to always have the perfect view.

Residential & Commercial Window Film Provides Endless Protection

Between home and work, you spend a lot of your time indoors. Thus, you want to ensure your family and employees are defended from the sun and the weather. But you also want to defend your budget.

LLumar residential & commercial window film from Tint Works provide unbeatable protection at an affordable cost. Once it’s applied by our trained window tint professionals, you’ll notice an immediate increase in your overall comfort – and a decrease in your energy costs.

Plus, LEED-certified architectural window tint for businesses reduces utility costs by up to 15% and offers a payback within three years. In many cases, you’ll be eligible for utility rebates and tax deductions if you install window film.

Benefits of Residential & Commercial Window Film

  • Blocks 99.9% of the UV rays to protect those inside from sun damage
  • Approved by The Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a comprehensive skin care program
  • Stops 87% of irritating glare that makes it difficult to work and play
  • Decreases energy bills by up to 15%
  • Reduces fading to flooring, artwork and furnishings
  • Prevents hot and cold spots to offer greater comfort
  • Adds an extra layer of protection from break-ins and robberies
  • Protects your family and employees against flying glass in the event of a disaster
  • Maintains the view you want while ensuring the privacy you desire
  • Comes in a variety of decorative shades and colors that add beauty and appeal
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against discoloration, peeling or cracking

NOTE: Works best on desktop computers or tablets.


Automotive Window Film

Classic window tint pricing
Ceramic window tint pricing
Ultra Ceramic

Look Cool & Feel Even Cooler with Car Window Tint & Wrap Films

On hot summer days, climbing into your car can feel like stepping into a sauna. Your car’s interior temperature can quickly skyrocket after just a few minutes in the sun, making the drive uncomfortable for both you and your passengers.

Cool down your ride with automotive window film professionally installed by the team at Tint Works in Rogers, Arkansas. Our industry-leading solar tint blocks the sun’s rays from entering your vehicle, reducing your cabin temperatures by up to 50% for the ultimate in comfort. Just as important, car window tint is available in a variety of chic, soft charcoal shades that enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Benefits of Automotive Window Film for Your Car

  • Blocks 99% of UV rays so you have added sun protection on every drive
  • Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation for skin safety
  • Protects your interior against fading, discoloration, cracking, and peeling
  • Controls costs at the pump by controlling temperatures in your car
  • Reduces irritating glare from the sun that can make driving dangerous
  • Offers a scratch-resistant coating for improved durability and appearance
  • Enhances your privacy when you’re on the road and your belongings when you’re not
  • Custom cut and fit to your vehicle’s exact specifications
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty so your car looks great for years to come

Our Work and News

Project Gallery – See Our Projects in Action

Our window tint and commercial/residential gallery showcases projects we’ve completed in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, and highlights the UV defense, fade protection and solar control benefits of different film types and applications.


Specialty Films

Hibbett 2

We specialize in a wide variety of unique products and films. We offer simple privacy films or high tech Smart films that allow you to go from clear to solid white. We can design a mural and print it on both sides of a film to create that show stopper you need to wow your clients. We have many more options so give us a call to consult about your project. Below are a few of our partners and projects.


Match your décor and tastes with patterns from classic to playful, pinstripes to polka dots.


Stimulate the sparkle and clarity of textured glass while refracting the light.


Partially block out views, hide unattractive areas or add a modern design element.


Ensure privacy and diffuse light without compromising brightness – all at a fraction of the cost of expensive etched glass.


Mask light, add privacy or add a pop of color with bold hues and opaque films.

Dual Sided High Resolution Film

Whiteout Film

Vinyl Design


Wraps & Design

We now have an in house Graphic Designer that can make your vision a reality.

Vehicle Wraps & Wall Graphics Deliver Head-Turning Appeal

Who ever said the vehicle you drive or the space you occupy couldn’t be an extension of who you are? 3M Car Wraps and Wall Graphics from Tint Works in Rogers allow you to not only stand out from the crowd, they enable you to make an impression that won’t soon be forgotten.

With over 250 million cars on American roads, it may seem impossible to express your unique personality or draw attention to a corporate brand. Think again! Wraps installed by our 3M Preferred Graphics Installer create a look that’s anything but ordinary. Choose from our extensive lineup of wraps that span hundreds of colors, finishes and textures, from carbon fiber to psychedelic, and start attracting attention in your sedan, SUV or truck. We also do custom designs!

Plus, if you’re wanting to transform a wall into a visual centerpiece, we offer printable films as well as wall graphic wraps and laminates. These graphics can turn any surface into prime real estate for your promotional message.

Set your own course in design with the quality, reliability and warranty that accompany all our wraps and graphics.


About Us

Over 10 years in the industry has taught us one thing.  Take care of the customer and they will take care of you!

Built from the ground up right here in Northwest Arkansas, we specialize in a wide variety of films for many applications. We have a passion for customer service and love to provide exceptional quality work. We have come from humble beginnings and have poured our heart and soul into where we are now. The community has been great to work with and we have been able to grow to a respectable size. We are very fortunate that our portfolio now includes some of the biggest companies in our area. We love our customers, clients and our community to which we are thankful for the opportunity to service. Thank you for considering Tint Works LLC.

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Tint Works Complete Line Up

Automotive Window Tint

Cool down your drive with window tint that complements your vehicle make and model.

Residential & Commercial Window Film

Cut your home or business’s energy costs by up to 15%, and block UV rays, glare and heat – all at a fraction of the cost of expensive window replacement..

Specialty Films

Add a striking look to any room with decorative window film options, or prevent serious damage to your facility with safety & security window films.

Don’t wait to get the protection you need! Ensure your peace of mind with widow tint and paint protection film from Tint Works. Call us for more information on our services and to receive your free estimate.


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